Nor-Ell Offers Screen Printing, Cosmetic Metal Finishing, & Anodizing Processes in St. Paul, MN

Our finishes are enhanced by integrating our high quality cosmetic finishes with our world class finishes. These include:

Screen Printing

Nor-Ell provides graphic services to enhance your product recognition in the market place. With Nor-Ell’s unique image anodizing, products can be created that are extremely durable, permanent, and eye catching. Nor-Ell works directly with customers to assist with detail and art work.

Precise Lettering on Permanent Decals, Control Panels, and Name Plates

Because Nor-Ell specializes in high quality, tight tolerance screen printing and anodizing, we are able to create decals designed for locations where wear is an issue. Industrial control panels can be designed that are both durable and where the accuracy of graphics synchronizes with dials and gauges. Permanent name plates and lettering can be created to affix to products, solving long term identification problems. There are many Mil specs relating to these products. Some common ones are MIL-DTL-19834 and MIL DTL-15024. Contact Nor-Ell to verify other quality standards.

Surface & Cosmetic Finishing

World class cosmetic finishing requires more than the anodizing process. Nor-Ell is able to create the surface finish that is right for your product. Some types of surface finishing are:

  • Bead Blasting – This process creates a smooth matte finish.
  • Straight Lining – This process is used to create a brushed surface appearance.
  • Tumbling – A process that removes burrs and surface defects prior to finishing.
  • Brite Dipping – This chemical polishing is completed prior to anodizing to give the surface a shiny finish.
  • Timesave Sanding – This process gives an advanced brushed appearance.

Samples of these finishes can be provided. Nor-Ell takes pride in getting the best finish for each application. For other surface finish requirements, contact Nor-Ell directly.