Industry Applications for Our Metal Finishing & Anodizing Services in St. Paul, MN

Medical Devices
Anodizing and powder coating are used for parts and equipment requiring excellent appearance for hospital or clinic environments while providing the cleanliness, corrosion resistance, and attractiveness to meet their needs.

From powder coating to chemical film coating, we have provided countless products to our Defense industry since 1969. Understanding Mil Spec quality standards, our certification to AS9100B standards and meeting the standards of Defense contractors have made us a preferred sub-contractor for their coating needs for over 30 years.

Store Fixtures
Today's retail environment requires durability and the pizzazz to attract shoppers to browse and buy. We provide colorful products with screen printing brand identification and our color anodizing.

Today's laser equipment is used in a myriad of applications, many in harsh environments. Anodizing and powder coating withstand most tough environments while screen printing provides labels and brand identification.

Whether it is color or identification, both powder coating and anodizing endure the tough environment to which agricultural equipment is exposed.

Mass Transit
With mass transit expanding worldwide, our custom anodizing, durable finishes, and identification labels, name plates, and decals are being used increasingly to provide a lasting product to this industry.

Most safety equipment needs specific information conveyed and is then used in a harsh environment. Our powder coating and anodizing used with our superior screen printing capabilities are used extensively in this industry.

Whether it is improving the appearance of high end audio equipment or providing durability of dials and face plates, our screen printing, chromate conversion coating, and anodizing is a superior solution to improve appearance and performance.

Hydraulic equipment is used in harsh environments. If you desire a product that will continue to look good over the life of the product, our durable powder coatings and anodizing processes will meet those needs.

Computers: Whether it is using multi-color anodizing to color code product, screen printing to bring information and brand identification to life, or a durable powder coating to the exterior, we provide solutions to the computer industry's finishing needs.