We Provide NADCAP-Controlled Painting & Powder Coating Services in Fridley, MN

Powder coating is used extensively in the automotive, appliance, architectural, lawn & garden, and general metal finishing industries, and can be applied to other surfaces including ceramics, wood and plastic. No matter the product or surface, powder coating is the right choice. Some advantages of powder coating are:


  • Durability – Powder coatings are extremely durable, and various types are formulated to endure the severities of chemicals, abrasion, and chipping, or ultraviolet radiation from sunlight.
  • Finish Variety – The latest paint technology has resulted in a variety of surfaces including texture, wrinkle, hammer-tone, and smooth film powder coatings in any level of gloss.
  • Color Variety – Powder coatings are available in a wide array of colors, and can be specially matched on request.
  • Higher Quality – Before baking, parts painted with liquid paint have a strong tendency to attract dust particles that mar the final finish. Because powder coatings are dry before baking, they attract virtually no dust, leading to a better quality finish.

Surface cleanliness is a fundamental prerequisite in quality painting. Contaminates interfere with adhesive forces that bond paint to a surface. This is true no matter what surface-metal, plastic or wood is used. Nor-Ell has state-of-the art powder coating equipment, including stainless steel bath, to reduce contaminants.

Various processes are used to clean substrate surfaces, including aqueous, solvent, abrasive, flame and cryogenic. The optimum process depends on many parameters, including the type of material being finished the size and shape of the object, the end-use environment, the desired life expectancy of the applied coating and the type of coating. Nor-Ell will work with you to select the best process for your application and needs.

Nor-Ell’s conveyor system allows efficient coating of parts with an envelope of 36″x72″x120′. Our batch coating allows parts up to 10’x10’x20′. This capacity is some of the largest in the industry.